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Green Water Solution applies a two-stage process: removal of particulate phosphorus by filtration followed by adsorption of dissolved phosphorus by our BioPhree® system. BioPhree® comprises a proprietary composite resin with high affinity to adsorb phosphorus compounds. BioPhree® systems are economically scalable from lowvolume agricultural runoff to large-volume surface waters. BioPhree® phosphorus removal does not create chemical waste streams or odors and is environmentally safe. BioPhree® will capture all phosphorus until the material is saturated — upon saturation, captured phosphorus will be washed off, rendering BioPhree® continually reusable. The concentrated phosphorus in the cleaning solution is recaptured by a nanofiltration process already proven on commercial scales and can be reused, such as in the fertilizer industry, while the cleaning solution becomes reusable in the next regeneration cycle.


Green Water Technologies is lead by Koos Baas, Chairman and EVP, a seasoned entrepreneur and chemical engineer and Dr. Frank Jochem, CEO, an international,

innovative business leader.

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