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The University of Idaho Nexom Clean Water Machine Team is inspired by the way soil cleans water. This “reactive filtration” technology can remove and recover phosphorus to ultra-low levels to address widespread toxic algae pollution impacting lakes, rivers and coastal zones. This green science approach uses air, sand, rust, charcoal, and electricity, and can be configured to clean and sanitize water for reuse. The Nexom Clean Water Machine destroys trace contaminants and diseasecausing pathogens using our patented approach to “catalytic oxidation.” When used with added “biochar,” a charcoal made from forestry or agricultural waste, the patent-pending advanced water treatment process is carbon-negative.


The Nexom Clean Water Machine fertilizer byproduct helps address the global challenges

of climate change while improving soil health and food security for the world’s ever-growing population. The University of Idaho Nexom Clean Water Machine Team is a transdisciplinary group of faculty, staff, and students led by Professor Greg Möller, Professor Dan Strawn, and

Systems Integration Engineer Martin Baker. The University of Idaho team won the first phases of Stage 1 & 2.

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